Khalid’s Corner: Where to Put Your Energy

Wisdom from Community Leader, Khalid Elahi

What you spend your time doing is what you get good at. We are consistent every day and this is why we are where we are in life, good or bad, positive or negative. It takes the same effort to get an “F” as it does to get an “A.” Since we are being consistent with our energy anyway, we might as well put our energy into our best shot at life.

I use to be on the block by 7 am consistently and I wouldn’t leave until 2 or 3 pm. I wasn’t out there playing or joking. It was what I did for my living. I was on time every day, I didn’t take breaks, I had marketing skills and I was a people person and these are all the tools that college graduates and successful businessmen possess, but still I had to look over my shoulder because, after all, I was breaking the law.

One day I was headed out to the block and something popped in my mind and said, “Fool, you might as well go get a real job because you are doing what it takes to be successful legally anyway.”

Since you are being consistent anyway, you might as well put your energy to your best shot at life to see something new and something greater.

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