Khalid’s Corner: Thankful to Be Alive


I woke up this morning thankful as always to be alive.

In the past, I gambled with my life on a constant basis at a time when getting yourself killed was the norm if you dared to enter the street game. Once I thought I didn’t have to listen to sound advice anymore, I kept finding myself in deadly situations, in and out of jail. The saddest part of it all is that at times I accumulated thousands of dollars but wasn’t intelligent enough to invest in any meaningful area. Instead I just risked it to buy more drugs.

But it’s OK because I learned from my mistakes and I’m much wiser now. Ignorance is not knowing, but stupidity is the desire to remain ignorant. I learned that what you spend your time doing is why you get good at. So, I decided to apply that wisdom to my own life.

My day became controlled by the relentless will to help a young life stay alive and free from incarceration. This is what I spend most of my time doing today. It’s what I believe in and what I love.

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