The Great Gender Debate: Who Has It Better?


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EDITOR’S NOTE: The CC Pulse asked students at Kennedy High School about whether they believe boys or girls have it easier in modern society. These are their answers, which have been edited for clarity and length.

“Boys have it easier than girls because girls go through more changes. Men don’t have to deal with female body problems and men have overall been viewed as superior over the centuries. Women aren’t taken seriously and don’t get the same respect. Women’s pants don’t even have real pockets.” -Misty Sanchez, 17

“Both genders have it hard. Boys get bashed for showing emotion and femininity because of what society calls ‘normal for a man.’ Men usually have to be so tall and macho in order to be more appealing to the opposite sex. In media, most women are sexualized to sell the product or grab attention.” – ReyZarria McMillon, 17

“I think boys have it easier than girls. There are a lot of things that both guys and girls do, but only the girls get criticized for it. Girls are told that they can’t do certain things that guys do, such as working in construction. I feel like people sometimes look at girls as being weak or not as capable as guys.” – Johnshalia West, 17 

“When it comes to divorce, the mother is more likely to get the kids. When it comes to work, men usually get higher pay and a better chance of being promoted. It’s hard to say when it comes to relationships. Men are expected to make the first move and to pay for most things, while women have to deal with abusive partners and toxic relationships. It’s neither hard nor easy for either gender.” – Angel Andrade, 16

“I think that it’s vice versa as the times have changed and we work towards equality. Men are described as being strong and supporting the family, but women do that, too. Women are always said to be responsible for cooking and cleaning, but that is also not true, as men can do all of that as well.” – Lizandro Alvarado, 17

“I think boys have it easier than girls because they don’t have to go through the same struggles. They don’t have to watch their back to see if someone is staring at them or deal with discrimination at work. Society views boys as superior, so girls are judged more. In pregnancy, girls hold a live baby in their body for nine months, and then deal with the excruciating pain of childbirth.” – Andres Ray, 17

“I think boys have it easier than girls, due to an established patriarchy. Boys can do many things without being judged or bothered, while girls have a harder time if they do the same activities. There are definite double-standards that prohibit women from living how they choose. Men harass girls on a daily basis, which must be very annoying and unpleasant. Boys don’t have to deal with periods, cramps or childbirth. Overall, girls have things harder for them due to variety of factors.” – Bryan Castillo, 17

“I think that boys have it easier than girls in some ways. In the workplace, if they are demanding, they’re seen as being assertive where a girl would be considered bossy. Boys can also get away with immature behavior, and it is just chalked up to ‘boys will be boys.’ In sports, boys are expected to be good, but if a girl is good at sports, she is told she is ‘good for a girl.’” – Mariana Taylor, 17

“I believe that each gender has a different type of hardship, as our society is not constructed around equality. Boys may find it easier to do physical work for a longer period of time, while girls can have it easier in getting things done their way. I don’t believe one gender has an advantage over another. There’s always a balance.” – Carlos Munoz, 18

“I believe both genders have it the same way, through different activities or ways of behaving or been treated. In a certain way, girls may have it easier because they’re told that is okay to be sensitive and such. Boys sometimes do have it easier in some situations, like not being harassed or having as much responsibility.” – Nohelia Montes, 17

“Coming from a Mexican family, I see boys having it easier than girls. In Mexican households, boys get to relax and slack off, but girls are told to clean up and do chores. Boys can just leave and hang out with friends, but girls can’t.” – Brittany Gonzalez, 17

 “Everyone has their own talents and skills to solve situations that others can’t. If we were going for stereotypes, boys are athletic, strong, masculine, and never cry. Girls are smart, emotional, and quick-witted. Even though these stereotypes aren’t true, just imagine if they were. I don’t dislike this.” – Randle (Seth) Wasson, 18

 “As a girl myself, I definitely think that boys have it way easier than girls because of sexual assault and harassment, having rights and being respected. It’s common in certain settings typically dominated by men (high-level business positions, for example) for women not to be taken seriously. Women and girls are attacked and targeted for doing whatever they choose to do. They are branded as nagging, talkative, over-emotional, and all other types of things that shape people’s negative views about women. Women and girls even look down on each other and perceive each other negatively.” Asia Butts, 17

“I think people have their own daily struggles, but women actually go through a lot more than guys. They sometimes get bashed for the dumbest things, like what they wear. It’s really difficult to be a female and I respect each and every person.” – Josue Medina, 17

  • Okoye Kenechi Kelvin
    Posted at 15:02h, 03 June

    Let people not forget this. When Athaliah , the daughter of Jezebel and Ahab tried to overthrow the house of David by killing her grandsons, her step daughter Jehosheba smuggled one of the princes, one year old Joash. Thereby, she preserved the lineage of David, from where Jesus was born. So with this , let women be treated with respect.

  • Evan Miller
    Posted at 08:30h, 29 October

    I agree with the opinions of each student. In my opinion, I think everyone is the same. Personally, many people in this day of age use social media to judge people. The people would find the worst about boys and girls. There is no right or wrong answer to this debate because no matter what you say, somebody will get angry for your opinion. It depends on your personal views. In the end, I say both women and men should be treated equally.

  • L Simmons
    Posted at 22:38h, 31 October

    This is what forms like Pew research and PBS teacher society so you’ll have millennials and generation Z who will say these things because they don’t know any better but when they get out in life they’ll see that men hold the burdens….. All the responsibilities and liabilities of life

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 23:04h, 18 December

    Women think its so easy to be a guy and I think that’s not true as a guy u have to nonstop work and do things u hate and if u ask a girl out 99% she will say no and tell all of her friends and then. They will tell everyone and you will just be depressed and give up also yes girls may have some problems but boys have balls and it hurts so ooooh much I doubt any girl could deal with the pain

  • Bellakai
    Posted at 18:07h, 04 January

    I can understand everyone’s opinion, and I do honestly believe that no gender is better or worse, but in terms of modern society women have come a long way, but still have it much harder than men. With harrassing in the work place, public place, and even homes from men, women are often terrified and have to work harder towards being safe than men. At the same time in all of my classes generally the top student is a girl because boys are scientifically proven to often be lazier than the former gender.
    But everyone is unique, and stereotypes are not fair to any gender, race, or personality type.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:06h, 05 January

    While I agree with everyone’s opinion here, I believe that being a girl is much harder. With harrassing, abuse, and society constantly looking down on us while at work, school, or in public places. While I find that being able to cry in public and passing it off for being a girl is easier than keeping my emotions bottled up, I personally believe that whether you are a man or woman, it’s your right to show emotion without being called anything of the oposite gender. Of course stereotypes are unfair to any gender, race, and personality. Everyone is UNIQUE.

  • Sahasra Suvvari
    Posted at 12:44h, 06 January

    As a girl, I would definitely think that girls are WAY WAY better then boys, not because I’m a girl, but I think girls are better, because the word “girl” stands for Grace, Intelligence, Race, and Love. And I think girls are ALL of those things.

  • Kayla johnson
    Posted at 13:30h, 27 January

    I Agree with you Simmons, all of the kids and millennials always say that men have an advantage in life and women rule but it’s not true at all. Most men just work harder and handle situations better, dont get me wrong there are lots of hardworking women but majority of men are just better workers and they also have to pay for everything. Then when their wife wants to divorce them they lose half of their stuff.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:41h, 17 February

    Yes I agree with a lot said here but at same time a lot of men go through same things and yes you can say not as much but then men can say same about mental issues

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 11:38h, 18 February

    nobody besides trans females of color – white gender fluid

  • Lareon Mashchyts
    Posted at 15:28h, 23 February

    GIRLS HAVE IT HARDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lareon Mashchyts
    Posted at 16:11h, 23 February

    Both genders have it hard, but girls have it harder

  • Gustavo Azpilcueta
    Posted at 21:12h, 25 February

    No one really talked about boys struggles only girls. Men cant wear makeup or any feminine product and often get insulted by their own friends while girls always get compliments and support from their friends. Men are seen as “strong” and therefore have to hide their emotions often in front of people which is probobly the worst thing ever when your about to cry. Girls have to give birth and have period cramps, but we also often have to hide boners which can hurt sometimes specially if your wearing jeans as well as in terms of pain getting hit in the balls is most likely way worse then period cramps and maybe then child birth to a certain extent as giving birth usually lasts longer. Women usually know when the pain is coming and are ready for it with pain killers while you get no warning of when you get a boner or get hit in the balls and have to endure the pain without medication. In my opinion we both have it equally as bad.

  • Zachary Zintak
    Posted at 13:58h, 07 May

    I think boys have it harder because girls with period cramps and birth have painkillers, but boys have hard to hide boners and immense pain if hitting your balls. Also with the newer age of people women are getting more and more entitled. The wage gap is completely blown out of the water because men are statistically more likely to ask for raise, work longer days, work harder jobs, and retire later. Boys have to be emotionally dead inside, while girls get to express themselves.

  • Syleia Claudette Grimes
    Posted at 11:39h, 27 May

    I think girls have it harder than boys. Because when it comes to sports boys have all these opens, and when girls want to play sports they only let them play the cheat version. Another thing is that when boys rape girls and touch their privates it hard for girls. I’m not saying that boys can’t get rape but only girls can get pregnant. Boys don’t get pregnant. When girls get raped they get pregnant and have to deal with it for 9 months with all the pain and endurecnce. Grils also get periods and they hurt they get cramps, headaches, nausea, and sometimes get put into a hospital because they can’t take it. Girls also have to wear more things than boys. Girls have to wear bras with really aren’t comfortable but they still wear them. Then at school when the pe coach talks about sports he leaves all the girls out and only talks to the boys because he knows that they are fit and tall to be in sports. It makes girls feel bad because they feel fat or if they were never a girl. In school, there are so many dress codes about girls but not boys for example. Girls don’t wear spageeti straps, shorts, short skirts , don’t distract the boys. Yeah and they don’t tell the boys to keep it in there pants

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:05h, 31 May

    Sahasra Suvvari
    Your comment was useless saying “girls are better than boys” if someone said boys ae better htan girls I bet you would be freaking out saying its sexist but here you are doing this.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 07:19h, 08 June

    girls have it harder periods cramps childbirth then menopause all hard to deal with. sometimes i wish i was a boy they have it easy and free. i envy boys a lot girls well im tired of being one.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 18:16h, 04 July

    Girls say that boys have it easier when they don’t know that because they have never been a boy before

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:47h, 09 July

    Idk who has it harder I think it’s equal tbh

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 11:51h, 20 July

    I believe girls have it easier cause you can just start an only fans account and youre set for life

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 07:12h, 21 August

    girls are always judged as emotional when 99% of the time men are more emotional than women!

  • You'll Never Know
    Posted at 08:10h, 23 August

    I am very surprised that not one person not one guy said that being a girl was easier than a boy but all the girls think that being a guy is easier. Not saying it’s wrong but mostly all the boys think it was equal and the ones who thought that being a girl is harder most likely live in a single-parent home.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:16h, 19 September

    I believe that both genders have it really hard for different reasons. Emotionally, girls may have it harder because they get hormones early than boys and are usually supposed to be more mature than boys. Physically, boys and girls have it partly the same but girls have it harder because, though boys may get kicked in the balls sometime, girls have to deal with periods, cramps (which really hurt!), and labor from child birth. I’ve never given birth personally but in movies and tv shows, I see how much pain the about to be or new mothers go through. Some people may be shamed because of their gender and their sexual orientation. Everyone has it hard in life and at times you may think you have it harder than anyone else in the world but the truth is everyone has it hard (girls still have it harder) and they go through hardships. That’s just part of being human.

  • Samantha Wilson
    Posted at 23:25h, 30 September

    I strongly believe that girls have it much harder than males. Men complain about the pain of getting knocked in the groin while women have to deal with periods – which are just as painful and extremely inconvenient and embarrassing – every month for an entire week. Being hit in the chest and groin can hurt really bad for women too.
    In addition, as a teenage girl, I have been taught to be afraid of men and going outside. After hearing the experiencing of other women and experiencing things myself, I understand why. Multiple times, I have been doing sport with my family and a guy has cat called me and asked to have sex with me, causing me to feel guilty (as I have somehow caused them to act this way) and scared. In comparison, men do not have this issue.
    Another factor that also annoys me is the fact that a women receives her husband’s last name when they get married as if he owns her. As well as this, their off-spring also receives this name after the woman has carried the baby for 9 months, suffered excruciating pain while conceiving, and has to look after the child by staying up through all hours to feed her/him.

    These are only a few of the negatives of being a female… (Others include being sexually assaulted and the extreme and almost impossible to achieve beauty standard)

    I understand that males have to hide their emotions and that the suicide rate is higher for guys than females, but this is only because men set these standards for each other. I often hear MEN calling each other “weak” and “little girls” when they show weakness, but I do not see women doing this.

    In conclusion, women have it much harder than men as there is only real one significant valid negative factor of being a male (You will probably think “What would you know? You’re a girl,” but I have spoken with many boys and they can not think of any other way that men have it harder than women) in comparison to the many negatives of existing as a female.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:30h, 11 October

    I think all genders are equal but there’s no doubt girls have it harder. Whenever a girl wants to play sports she’s always left out or told she’s just not good enough. Everyone is constantly underestimating us and saying that boys are superior to us. Sure everyone thinks boys can’t express themselves but they could if they wanted to it’s just a stereotype!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:39h, 11 October

    Girls have it harder 100%

  • Oy Vey Goyim
    Posted at 14:44h, 14 February

    is being male something to be ashamed of for having it “easier”?

  • Simon Benjamin Inuwa
    Posted at 15:48h, 05 March

    I agree that girls are better than boiz 100% for sure

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 13:17h, 13 March

    you cant actually know bc a lot of people havent been on both sides

  • derek
    Posted at 10:14h, 16 March

    Both sexes face problems. A girl is more dependent on their looks but, if good looking, have far more advantages. They will be helped much more than boys.

  • derek
    Posted at 10:20h, 16 March

    In the world, people try to immigrate to good countries, like the US or Sweden. They tend not to want to go to bad countries, like Ukraine or North Korea. With that in mind, I believe more males want to be female / TS / trans gender than females want to be males / transgender. Therefore, girls might have it better based on that data. Idk

  • Geffito
    Posted at 22:38h, 01 May

    It’s usually only women that think they have it worse than guys when in reality both have it rough in different circumstances, a young man in his late 20’s is expected to man up and get a job and support himself, pay his rent, buy his car, pay his bills and if he now has a girlfriend some of them are so toxic they see guys as meal tickets and berate guys for not providing for them meanwhile men don’t request for monetary settlements or gifts just to let a woman in his presence except call boys etc. Men have to shoulder the burden of providing for the whole nuclear family, keeping them alive and safe from threats, giving them a respectable social status and home to live in, meanwhile women are only expected to turn the house into a home and keep it cozy, and raise the kids, yet so many complain, how about next time the car gets a flat in the winter the girl goes out and fixes the tire, or there’s a big puddle in the way, so the girl piggy backs or romantically scoops the guy up and crosses over scuffing her $2000 red bottoms. When it comes to sexual harassment it may occur more frequently against women, but way more terrible when it happens to a man, compare what happens in prisons and tell me females go through worse humiliation and intense shame and anger than a man who has been unnaturally violated. Correctional facilities are way safer for women that break the law. Men are not allowed to defend themselves against women otherwise uncle Sam and the boys in blue come looking for you, yet a woman goes Scott free for the same crime. Men have to safeguard their women which has turned out to be highly detrimental to the man in the relationship. One day a lady gets into a road rage argument with some immortal hulk or rune king thor, and she is banking on the no hitting women rule to protect her, unfortunately the fellow is from the stone age, he tells his friend Fred ” keep the camera running abs get a load of this” then hops out two seater his flintstone and begins approaching, your girl full of faith in the law to summon super cop continues insulting the cave man, you the man in the relationship has been trying to calm her down and diffuse the situation to no avail, she says to you ” All that talk about im the man, I’m the man, now you got a chance to prove it and you’re now a kitten” she’s hurt his feelings and steps up to prove that he’s the toughest punching bag in the county, and now he’s face to face with a man reeking of gallons of testosterone and masculinity wielding a small tree as his club. Captain cave man proceeds to smash the car hood and in one strike leaves it looking like a giant was trying to slice a sandwich ?, lucky for you he’s not into making sport of weaklings, you’ve shown utmost politeness and survived the encounter, but somehow you know things won’t be peace and love when you get home, you did nothing wrong, but you’re the man. That phrase “you’re the man” has been misused and mostly mentioned by ladies in an attempt to forgo any responsibility, but when it’s time for the man to reap the benefits, the suddenly remember their fight for gender equality. Women have it rough no lie, childbirth, raising kids etc, but man have way worse circumstances that can come out of failure to be a man including death.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:22h, 18 July

    In my opinion both genders have it hard equally. For every positive there’s a negative

    School is built for girls but boys get better pay in the workplace
    Women are raped more than men but men die more in violence than women
    Women are stereotyped to take care of the home but men are considered to earn income for the family,
    Women who sleep with lots of ppl are considered sluts but men who are virgins are made fun of
    Girls are pressured to be pretty but boys are pressured to be successful
    Women are considered not as good workers as men but men are considered not as good parents as women.
    Society has trouble seeing women as CEO’s and politicians but society has trouble seeing men as house-husbands and pre-school teachers.
    Women have to give birth but men have 2x the suicide rate
    Women are raped more but men are made fun of when talking about sexual assault
    There are fewer women in the top level of society. There are more men in the bottom levels of society.

  • Eileen Valdez
    Posted at 01:30h, 24 July

    Both genders experience issues. Girls are more dependent on their appearance, yet if attractive, they have far more advantages. They will receive far more assistance than boys.

  • Oluebube
    Posted at 04:45h, 31 July

    Write your comment here…I believe in everyone’s opinion l said that girl are much more harder than boy, because in opinion girl are shame lf she marry and not gave birth to child. Some of the family of the husband will start insult the girl not know that God is a given of child.

  • Monique Embry
    Posted at 10:12h, 01 August

    I’d like to say I’m sure girls have it harder. Some don’t even get a life because they’re thrown in the garbage or terminated in some other way because they don’t have the right chromosome. Women are told to take it easy and wait for a man but if we do we’re unmotivated probably waiting on some rich doctor to solve our problems. Girls are either raised to be princesses or hard working part of the boys playing field and it causes problems later on too. Being attractive or unattractive sucks females on both sides, no matter who’s side you’re taking they both lose. Marriage for women who work hard and have it together end up with unmotivated guys who want a mommy and whine when she starts looking soft after he’s popped her full of kids. Speaking of kids women are expected to want them and be doting mothers.. so work hard until you meet a man who’s gonna make you work hard anyway… then have some kids so you can never see your friends or family or be your individual self again and make everyone happy and hope they aren’t too selfish to think of her too.
    Women tend to cook, clean, care, and keep track of things like bills most of the time.
    Girls also resent eachother for things that involve the things we have to fight for. I can go on and on .. I should probably right a book but I just stop this list.. I hope I’ve not caused any wars lol glad I’m female but it’s a real bitch sometimes!

  • gaurav jangir
    Posted at 07:09h, 18 November

    In India, girls are tortured and abused when they ask for further studies … so I think girls are more powerful then boys

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 13:59h, 17 May

    Boys and Men are brainwashed into collective narcissism by patriarchal values and ideologies through numerous religions and cultures. The collective narcissism amongst men and boys needs to be dismantled in order to achieve an egalitarian society. I am angry and devastated at what women and girls go through across the world, and I am deeply ashamed to be a part of the demographic that has historically oppressed and dehumanized them. I look forward to the day where all men and boys (and everyone, really) respects all women and girls equally. But in this day and age, that is not the case. And it probably won’t be the case for a very, very long time.

    -Signed an American Man

  • Rhea Taard
    Posted at 07:58h, 25 October

    I think gender is a non factor cuz just be non binary bro like its that easy, society coddles people so much it’s not even funny anymore lmao

  • AnOnyMousss
    Posted at 07:45h, 30 January


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