Students Weigh In: How Is the Coronavirus Impacting Your Life?

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Editor’s Note: As Bay Area youth adjust to shelter-in-place and school closings The CC Pulse asked local high school students the following questions:
• What’s the weirdest thing about your life right now?
• With school closed, do you think you can learn more on your own?
• Many families have been turned upside down by the coronavirus outbreak. Are there ways you can be a support for your family in this stressful time? How can you do that?

Katherine Hurtado Rico, 16
“The weirdest thing would probably be how everything feels like it’s silent and not right. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but I know many others feel like same. People have described it to feel like something worse is going to happen to all of us, which is honestly kind of terrifying.

I think in school we choose whether or not if we actually want to learn. More people are comfortable doing work online, and they may have better/more resources to help with their work at home. It would take more effort on the student’s side to be able to learn and remember, but I think that when they do, they’d be doing it their way, so the results from learning would hypothetically be better.

Honestly, I’ve been trying to help my family with the stress, but the most I can do is clean things and take their minds off of the pandemic with activities, act like everything is okay, and advising them to be safer and more cautious.”

Jazlin Diaz Cisneros, 16
“The weirdest thing about my life right now would be witnessing how fast everyone around me is growing up. Times right now make it hard for children to be children.

I have always learned better at home, since the internet is a great resource.

My family has already voiced to me that they will just be happy with me being understanding with what they think is best for our family in the moment.”

Christopher Escobar, 17
“The weirdest thing is that 2020 is going to be a disaster brought on by a living thing that we can’t see.

I would say that anyone can learn with themselves, but I find it more effective if there is someone there, physically, when you need help.

As of this time, the only way I can help is to bring in income, as one of my parents can’t work due to the coronavirus. It is up to me and my mom to bring in enough money during this outbreak. Hopefully, this lockdown will end soon so everyone can pay bills and be happy with themselves.”

Beatrice Leal,16
“My birthday is tomorrow, and my family and I were planning to go to Reno to celebrate, but now we’re stuck at home. I’m pretty bummed out about it.

I’m a student that only learns when I’m able to get help on the spot. If not, I distract myself and don’t have the motivation to work anymore.

Both my parents are sick, but mainly my dad. I try to help them the best I can and know they want us to stay safe. My mom still cooks the family meals everyday, but it’s a struggle if we run out of food to eat, especially going to the grocery stores that are packed with people and germs.”

Lesley Jimenez, 18
“Before quarantine, I was always home by choice but now that we have to stay home, I want to go out.

I don’t think I’ll learn more outside of school because now I have to do other things at home, and I either don’t have time to do work or I don’t know what to do. Or I just forget. I like going to school, so this online stuff really bothers me.

I help my family by continuing to respect everyone by being more courteous about what we have for these times.”

Keren Molina, 17
“The strangest thing that is happening to me is that I am in my house all day, and I don’t know how I am enduring this because I can’t stand two days in my house.

I don’t think I can learn more out of school. In my other classes, I have not learned anything. I only have done all my work and understand everything when I was going to school. Being home, Web Design makes me very accessible and easy although there are times when I need your help, Ms. Perez.”

Kimberly Nguyen, 16
“The weirdest thing is the possibly of not coming back to school again for a while.

I think I can learn more on my own, because of the technology I have available to use, but it doesn’t beat learning from someone with experience.

I support my family mainly just by spending time with them.”

Gisselle Barrera, 17
“Not being in school is something weird in my life right now.

I don’t think I can learn better out of school because it’s not the same thing as the teacher explaining something versus just reading it myself.

I help my family by spending time together and telling them not to worry and everything is going to be okay.”

David Serrano, 18
“Being in quarantine and taking online classes is weird.

I don’t think I can learn more on my own because I’ve never had motivation for school.

I’m gonna help around the house and work on improving my family’s bond even more.”

Destiny Mayfield, 16

“Not knowing if I’ll be able to go back to school or how long this corona virus is going to be going on is the weirdest thing in my life.

I don’t think I’ll learn more out of school because I don’t really understand it on my own. I need step-by-step help on how to do it.

I help my family by calling and checking them and making sure they’re alright.”

Floranllely Gonzalez, 17
“It’s weird being at home all the time.

In my opinion, I can learn on my own, but sometimes we have to ask the teacher because we don’t understand everything that they post on Google Classroom.

I try to help my family by talking to them.”

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