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Mayor Tom Butt Reports Bass Beat Mystery Solved

Older white man standing in front of building

(Harika Maddala/ Bay City News)

By Bay City News

Last weekend, a loud, unidentifiable bass beat could be felt throughout Richmond and adjacent areas. The noise persisted from late Saturday night well into Sunday morning, prompting hundreds to take to Facebook and Nextdoor to complain about the “incessant” electronic sound.

After five days of sleuthing, receiving tips from the public, and even putting up a $500 reward, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt believes he has solved the mystery.

“Thanks to information provided by three tipsters, we now know that the mysterious sound that kept West County awake for 12 hours the night of July 23/24 was a birthday party for a 20-year-old at an industrial site adjacent to the Richmond parkway accessed off Goodrick Avenue,” Butt wrote via email.

He says that the two young men responsible for the party have been identified and that videos of the party, license plate numbers, and social media accounts have been obtained.

According to Butt’s email, the party hosts visited the Mayor’s Office on Wednesday to make amends — to which the mayor reportedly responded by telling them to turn themselves in to the police.

To uncover more information, Butt even went so far as to track down the party’s posting on Eventbrite, discovering that it featured a Brazilian electro-funk phenomenon known as “Deboxe.”

“The movement essentially involves outfitting vehicles, typically pickup trucks, with powerful sound systems,” said Butt.
The $500 reward remains unclaimed, as the mayor awaits an address to send the check to.

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