Homelessness Has Increased 18.5% in Contra Costa County Since 2023

(Contra Costa Health via Bay City News)

By Tony Hicks
Bay City News

The number of people experiencing homelessness in Contra Costa County increased by 18.5% in 2024, according to a report released last week by Contra Costa Health.

The annual point-in-time survey is done by the county’s health department and focuses on counting Contra Costa County’s homeless population on a single night.

In 2023, the count was 4% higher than in 2022.

The team and its community partners, including hundreds of volunteers, canvassed across the county to count the number of people living in emergency shelters or outdoors on Jan. 24.

The preliminary findings showed 2,843 people were without housing during that 24-hour period, including 1,959 people who were unsheltered.

In 2022, the count showed 2,277 people experiencing homelessness.


This year’s count said 56% of those counted were 25 to 54, 29% were over 54, 7% were under 18, and another 7% were 18 to 24.

The count showed 61% were male and 38% were female; 39% were white, 33% were Black, 15% were Hispanic, and 9% were of mixed races.

The area with the most homeless people was Antioch with 413, followed by Richmond with 388, Concord with 173, and Martinez with 158.

The night of the count, 39% of the people contacted were sleeping outdoors and/or in a tent, followed by 31% in emergency or transitional housing, 14% in cars, 11% in a recreational vehicle, and 5% in a van.

Of self-reported health conditions, 83% of respondents said they or a family member had at least one serious condition, with 61% saying they had mental health conditions, 59% saying they had substance use disorder, 49% saying they had a chronic health condition, 49% saying they had a physical disability, 17% saying they were fleeing domestic violence, and 1% saying they had HIV/AIDS.

Most respondents — 75% — said they’ve been homeless 10 or more years, with 10% saying they were homeless five to nine years, followed by 11% saying one to four years, and 3% saying they’ve been homeless less than a year.

The report also said Contra Costa County has increased temporary and permanent housing beds by 26% between 2023 and 2024.

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